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B-day: May 13th
Age: 18

Bio: about to be college bound ! creative, wandering mindd . lover, dreamer . . . I'm inspired by the people in my life, the places I've been (&& where I want to go), and the curiosity of life in itself.

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"Hope is the thing with feathers, that perches in the soul…"
Emily Dickinson

"All these woes shall serve for sweet discourses in our time to come.
Shakespeare, “Romeo + Juliet”

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Letting You In . . .
17 March 2010
Ok so idk why the comments arent working but no one's prolly readin this thing anyways lolx. [update: comments are now working woop!] But if one soul is actually readinggggg, then email me ur comment or aim me watev! (Info on side bar) edit: (then comment!)

So anywaysss, my last post (yes, it was ages ago i know) wasn't the best inroduction of myself. I sounded all accomplished and shyt like i knew exactly what I wanted to do with my life. I REALLY DON'T actually. I'm pretty lost. I have those two previously mentioned options but hey I still need time to think things through but I feel like I'm pressured to make up my mind now though. Soooooo stressed!
I hate being a junior in high school, and I hate my school. As I'm typin this, I have a 'mock college application' essay to write for english (plus a book to read for an upcoming research paper), a shitload of ap bio (&& studying for a test tomorrow), pre-calc (quiz tomorrow). <- the joys of being a highschool student. I feel like I have a giant monkey on my back lolx . Sooo much work to do. && what do i do best when I'm overwhelmed (or when I'm not)? PROCRASTINATE ! I'm the queen of procrastination. I always can somehow get the work done either real late at night or waking up early in the morning. Oh the shyt gets done alright but I waste alot of time, you know, blogging like so, online shopping (when I know damn well i have no money to spend right now), watching youtube vids (gotta love youtube), and other tom fuckery that makes me start my hw at 10 pm ! haha I crack myself up sometimes =P

My room is currently a mess (my mom just opened my door && yelled at me for not putting away my laundry, ugh), my cuz from GA is comin up to visit next weekend (woot! =D) so I'll have until then to clean up. I. neeeeeeed. to shop. sooooo baddddllyyyyy !!!!! OMG I have madd change in my box that I keep so I can't wait to go to the bank next week && get it changed to cash, hopefully its $150 by now so I can go to the mall && feed my addiction. I haven't been hardcore shopping in foreverrr (since the summer) and i'm feeling deprived =( Hopefully I keep up a good schedule with updating (I kno how I can be sometimes with the procrastinating, ehemm) but um yeaaa , until next time . . .
[Fierce Moment]
Pause. Stop the Press !
Queen Latifah
's dress was so beautiful at the Oscar's. I loved the jewels of course (have a knack for shiny, glittery thangs haha). =] "You betta work honey !"

Queen Latifah

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- Marlee (9:01 PM)


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